Professional Congress Organizer – PCO

As a PCO we are the architects of your successful congress or event.
We turn your ideas into outstanding events tailored to your needs and expectations…

Our team of experts is specialized in the management of conferences from start to finish and the smooth running of your event. We pay great attention to every stage of the project and deliver cost-effective solutions. Whether you are looking for partial support for your event or complete congress logistics we coordinate your conference with

passion, responsibility, and low tolerance for errors.

We believe the key to success is the building of a long-lasting relationship with all the parts involved in the organization of superior congresses. You can count on us for the execution of your handcrafted event!

we do

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How we do it


We put our relevant, 10+ years, experience on the table, which consists of professionalism, dedication and a great sense of success, in order to craft your ideas into the best possible outcome. We try to create more than an event, an experience that comes to life through out of the box ideas and clean, structured planning.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Pre-event Planning
  • On-site Planning
  • Reporting

and finances

Transparency is our core principal when working on the financial aspects of our events. We use our flexibility and experience for financial planning so we will never go off the budget limits.

  • Cost Control
  • Billing transparency
  • Tax Management
  • Post-event financial reporting

and communication

Visibility is an essential component when delivering high-quality congresses. Our experts will make sure to elaborate the marketing plan for your event in order to have the best coverage. We will make sure to reach the target audience and to make the event attractive to each different community.

  • Website creation and sourcing
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Newsletters
  • Graphic Design and print of promotional materials


Our sales specialists will always ensure the most efficient strategy and sponsorship management so that the event can always have the necessary support. We cultivate great relationships with industry representatives and make sure they are involved wholeheartedly into our projects.

  • Pharma Compliance Program
  • Elaboration and implementation of sales strategy
  • Exhibition management and floor plan creation
  • On-site exhibitors support


Involving national and world-renowned professionals is the most important element in creating an alluring program for your event. Early in the selection process, we establish strong and reliable communication with each speaker, lasting until and after the event.

  • Sustained communication with speakers, chairs and faculty
  • Travel, accommodation and social program management
  • On-site VIP customer care services

customer care

The largest and most treasured element of an event is its attendees. Our highly qualified team of professionals will centralize their attention on building and sustaining consistent support and communication with the delegates. When it comes to the participants, we provide a full spectrum of benefits and resources such as:

  • Pre-event, on site and post-event communication
  • On-site conference customer care
  • Accommodation booking services

Post Congress

We ensure the post congress communication because it is just as important as any other part of your event. With us, you will have a fully detailed report on what performed greatly and what needs improvement in order to gain long-term customers and partners.

  • Financial report
  • Participants feedback
  • Post-event media support


By choosing Events Design, besides professionalism, we offer you the following:

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cost control





Inspire our work with your ideas!

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