Emil Buiga
President OAMMR Cluj

The 10th National Conference with international participation of the Order of Nurses, Midwives and Medical Assistants in Romania took place between 26th and 29th September, 2012. The conference was held at the Grand Hotel Italia in Cluj-Napoca and was organized by our Cluj branch office in partnership with MedEvents.

MedEvents was in charge of all the administrative and organizational aspects related to this particular scientific gathering.

The representatives of the company displayed a high degree of professionalism in managing the event, being in charge of organizing the event down to the smallest detail.

We have complete confidence in MedEvents and highly recommend them as the best company to organize any type of scientific meeting.

Prof. Dr. Radu Badea
President SRUMB
Professionalism, dynamism and efficiency - these are only some of the characteristics of MedEvents. MedEvents encompasses a group of enthusiastic young people who are very good organizers, with a wonderful ability to oversee all aspects related to putting together a scientific meeting, without being flashy or annoying. On the contrary, the MedEvents team displays promptitude and deliver outstanding and immediate results thus ensuring the smooth running of the event MedEvents offers personalized solutions, being the backbone of any scientific themed event. I would also highlight their professional use of current communication tools which contribute to increasing the attractiveness and visibility of any event. With MedEvents you get the certainty that what has been agreed on in advance will definitely be put into practice – MedEvents delivers on their word, every time!

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