The actual organization of the event implies a rigorous synchronization between the human and the material factors involved. Our logistics network satisfies the most exigent demands on the market.

  • The secretariat maintains all ante/post event correspondence with the participants. Also, the same department ensures the necessary materials (portfolios, event programs, name tags etc.) throughout the event, promptly responding to any request.
  • The administration of the electronic platform confers the visibility of the event and represents an instrument of logistics that is essential in today’s society.
  • We ensure technical support, including video services and photography, from carefully selected professionals.
  • The human resources optimization represents one of our desiderata, in order to be certain that we use a sufficient number of members from our competent personnel throughout the event.
  • We choose the right location and the accommodations/catering services are decided upon together with our partners.
  • The program organization for the special guests of the conference and their accompaniers is also one of our priorities.

Each project’s management is carried out together with the client, but without him to feel pressured. The client’s sole task is to indicate the coordinates of the project.

  • We establish the schedule of regular meetings in order to ensure an efficient communication.
  • We make the agenda according to the beneficiary’s availability.
  • We suggest ideas, strategies and partners, but the final decision belongs to our client.
  • We make a common consent plan on the activities and the budget of the event.
Image & Promotion

Having PR specialists in its team, MedEvents is able to build the image of a medical event according to high professional standards. We have a complete pack of services:

  • Creating, word-processing and publishing of the electronic/printed resources
  • Ensuring the design of the materials to be printed.
  • Promoting through local, regional and national media resources the image of the event.
  • Sending electronic/printed invitations to possible participants
  • Organizing the press conference.
Scientific Aspect

Because the coordinators from MedEvents are also resident physicians, the relationship with the academic environment is flawless. Hence, we efficiently ensure:

  • Continuous communication with the lecturers and the guests of the event.
  • The credits equivalent of the event in the Romanian College of Physicians.
  • The technical administration of the scientific presentations.

Because the financial resources are essential, we make sure that everything runs according to a pre-established budget, in a perfectly legal environment. Our motto is: “No unjustifiable expense”.

  • We identify and attract sponsors interested in the event, making the invitations, negotiating participation fees, ensuring a continuous communication with the sponsors, administrating the stands throughout the event – all of these are part of a process elaborated in common consent with the client.
  • The administration of expenses/income and the management of all legal and accounting documents (invoices, contracts etc.) take place in full transparency and communication with the client.

Organizing the events down to the smallest details, we want to optimize and streamline the processes our
clients and event participants experience. It is for this reason that we developed our own accommodation site.
The portal is a result of creating successful relations with leading hotel service providers in Cluj-Napoca. By
using our portal:

  • You save money, benefiting from preferential rates at lower prices than at the reception
  • You save time in finding and choosing the option that suits you best.
Follow Up

For us, evaluation is as important as the planning and organization of the event. An objective analysis represents the guarantee of a well done work. Such analysis comprises three coordinates:

  • The balance sheet.
  • The evaluation of the event through feed-back forms filled out by the participants.
  • The delivering of materials (designs, videos, photographs, site etc.) to the client.

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