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We are a team of motivated, serious, dynamic and responsible people. And this team is highly professional and has the great advantage of comprising young members. We started after an active experience in representing medical students in the leading structures of the ”Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, after having had coordinated a few social-academic fundamental projects that are now standards in continuous professional training.

Enthusiasm, ingenuity and involvement are our defining traits. Through an unceasing effort and management abilities, we succeeded in staying high on the list of medical event organizers from Romania.

We have gradually learned that excellence requires standards with no compromises, continuous self-improvement and that it also demands, besides creativity, a permanent concern for the resources of our partners.

You are invited to discover our concept.

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Telefon: +40 264 700 194
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E-mail: contact@eventsdesign.ro

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